Alhamdulillah for the salaah (5 daily prayers): such a beautiful and peaceful part of one’s daily routine, especially when you have a handful of a brood like mine, forever in a high functioning mode, forever fighting and wreaking havoc. Especially when you wish you were more posh and had specific times, for when your child can book an appointment with you, to seek your counsel. So when the time for prayer kicks in, I feel like a gangsta’! here’s why: you stand in prayer and they INSTANTLY know that that’s mummy’s time now; we can’t say anything until she’s finished, because there’s no point and she isn’t going to listen. Ha! *feels like boss*

Here’s how a typical day might be:



And then some days, when you just want a little more peace of mind:


And some days when the wrestling has already begun, the prayer can come and save you, like the hijab does on a bad hair day:


The not so typical day:

Some days, when you are out and about and the time for prayer kicks in: well here’s something that recently happened whilst I was at the swimming pool and Maghrib salaah was due, (thank you to the wonderful staff at the leisure center who are ever so accommodating and even offered a prayer mat on a number of occasions, given that one of the staff members is Muslim and so it wasn’t an unfamiliar request!) so whilst my toddler was on tow on this particular occasion, the prayer was a great escape! We come out the pool and he sees the vending machine with all sorts of naughty snacks, chocolates and crisps…we surely don’t go swimming for that do we!?:




SubhaanAllah …don’t we just love the salaah <3<3<3



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