Worn out!

You’re wearing too much
or you’re wearing too little
Your body so cheap,
open to ridicule
Don’t matter what’s in your mind
You ain’t got a choice
Let mandem dictate
claims to be your voice

To set you free,
Drown your intellect
suffocates your face,
feigning to protect
An identity
that exists no more
renders you naked
an object deplored
Don’t pull out your breast
When babe wants to milk you
Don’t do the grotesque
Suckling at her bare chest
Don’t flaunt a nipple
Don’t be gross
Let them impose
Declare what a woman should show
smirks, nip-slip on a catwalk
news coverage, media-talk
Smeared with cake
Let him taste your body baked
Sliced under a fine knife
The showbiz ingredient
glam and prized
An object for his prying eyes
Women warmongering
In society’s dichotomy
Tearing one another down
but the battle ensues
And it just doesn’t matter
If she swims like a pro
In a burkini or bikini,
eyelids batter.
(an old exhausted worn out debate, how women should dress in the 21st century)

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