Chaos in the crisp-orange autumn streets.

Chaos in the crisp-orange autumn streets.

Walking down the street on a chilly autumn morning; leaves lay scattered in heaps across streets. Some have been brushed aside by the friendly highway cleaners, others wafted away by gusts of wind that appear at certain intervals. The piles can sometimes become a mouldy mucky pile when the rain kicks in and even stick to one’s shoe, as we gasp in case we’ve stepped in shit. It’s nothing less than chaos in the streets of autumn London.

But at best, it’s natures work of art at play, an auburn display of creative crisp leaves. The streets on fire, lighting up the dull dry morning; nothing less than a short retreat as we take a stroll. On Tuesday what a pleasurable sight it was walking in Holland park with the nursery children; watching them kick the leaves about creating cosy nests, and then searching for and admiring the largest leaf. It’s a time of year when we use the wondrous natural materials to try our hand at leaf printing and cook up all sorts of wonderful craft activities.


Yes, agreed! sometimes a bit of chaos is needed for creativity! (Leaf issues aside, right now trumps win may be tantamount to chaos but we humans prove time and time again, that such things lead to nothing but optimism and creativity!)