London mayoral elections: longest rant ever

London mayoral elections: longest rant ever

Reading the mini manifesto that has been distributed and posted to all laymen across London, I can’t help but feel a sense of gut-wrenching anger.

I didn’t vote in the last election (mostly due to being away) so I have no idea who the candidates were and whether this has been the norm, but the choice of potential candidates is highly amusing, bizarre and just plain worrying…  I often decline to vote (religious reasons aside) I’m not sure if I’m convinced enough if our vote counts or means anything, I mean the only time we are really and truly consulted about anything political are at times when elections are happening and made to believe that we are empowered because we got to vote. We, a people with hardly any true knowledge of the dealings of a political mafia establishment; when they screw things up we are to blame because we voted them in, if we didn’t vote them in, we are to blame because we’ve been apathetic and chose not to exercise our long-fought-after right to vote, unappreciative of the suffragettes that sacrificed their blood and sweat for this oh so glorious powerful gesture, of throwing a piece of paper marked with an X, in the ballot box. We, like a herd of sheep, at the peril of our master politicians, they shape the affairs of our country here and abroad in their foreign policies, bloodying our hands too.

It’s funny how anyone can put themselves forward to stand in the voting podium; I mean if a Katie Hopkins stood to amass votes it would have followers, these days anyone and anything can amass a bunch of blind followers, I could parade a donkey hee-hawing claiming to change the downward spiralling of our country and run a marketing campaign in a bid to amass followers, my braying donkey could possibly stand at 10 downing in no time. This perhaps is the great side of democracy (*punches air with sarcasm*) we all could get a potential voice (but currently, not if you’re an ‘Islamist’ paving way for sharon law)

So with that said. In speaking of the mini manifesto, I’ve been taken aback at seeing the likes of Paul Golding running to be elected as a voice for London, the potential Britain first (BF) candidate. I don’t know what world I’ve been living in, but the last time I checked on their Facebook page I couldn’t help but laugh, and feel cringe at what they stood for. Especially their notoriously unpopular way of dealing with followers i.e. blocking off curious Brits like myself, genuinely intrigued by their core beliefs. If I’m not mistaken Golding was even accused of scrambling his supporter’s money. I’m surprised that he is still around!? (but then again that is democracy for you) undoubtedly the guy has support and money being funnelled into his crappy racist campaign, which hasn’t much to offer to the average Londoner but a far right ‘fake-Christian’ fascist movement (I bet he knows next to nothing about the faith) that claims to promote “British culture” (whatever that means) in a multicultural city that gets its colour and vibrancy from a rich community of foreigners (of a people who were once colonised, a topic which requires another ranting post in itself)

This city wouldn’t be what it is without the thousands of immigrants that brought with them their cultures, expertise, experiences, FOOD and rich diversity. It’s seriously laughable …but what isn’t funny is his stance on Muslims and Islam… Calling for “clamping down on Islamic extremism” may seem all tough and glorious to average Londoners genuinely concerned about security, but let’s face it, as Muslims we are at the brunt of it all; extremism, chaos and terrorism has caused more mayhem, bloodshed and violence for Muslims in ‘Muslim’ lands, so it matters to us more than it would anyone else …but Paul and co channel their activism in such a way that we feel  the added burden of being “not-so-British” Muslims: constantly Labelled and smeared in the media, feeling like we should constantly be apologising; if anything British-Muslims are the first to want a clamping on extremism, but I’m not convinced about the “extremism” that this party seeks to stamp out.


The use of such rhetoric in a London manifesto is utterly distasteful and sheer nonsensical, because if this isn’t fear mongering and fuelling an ‘islamaphobia’ then I don’t know what is! But it doesn’t stop there, you have the British nationalist party (BNP) with similar notions. Londoners are apparently threatened by Islamic extremists and the “islamification” of London (cringe at these types of coinages and word formations, thanks to the media) These parties have sponsors and big donors behind them, I can’t help but feel that my beautiful London (the nostalgic way Malala would speak of her ‘paradise’ the swat valley, London for us is nothing less), the vibrant multicultural capital of England, is at risk of a trump style racist-far right movement, threatening the peace and security of our city of abundance and land of opportunities.

But their bold claims have no evidence, statistics, or any research but simply rubbish they are spewing. Looking at the manifesto with a closer look reveals the ridiculousness of their campaigns, we needn’t look further. According to Sophie walker representing the ‘women’s equality party’ (pretty interesting), in London last year a whopping 4000 rape incidents were reported and 70,000 incidences of domestic violence. Those figures are shocking and reveal just how deep rooted REAL problems are in an age of enlightenment, the 21st century, the ‘civilised’ west still have such levels of violence in the capital city is seriously beyond me. According to George Galloway of ‘respect party’ every year 10,000 people die from the endless congestion in the streets ‘poisoning people’.

women party

See the thing is, while these problems pose more of a danger and threat to the average Londoner and our quality of life, where we are more at risk of getting killed by the emission of toxic fumes (let alone the numerous car accidents on our roads every year) than a terrorist attack, we are falsely led to believe that Islam is somehow threatening London, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I simply can’t understand why we have the BF and BNP in an uproar hating and hell-bent on scapegoating Islam and Muslims, are against the building of mosques, which serve none-else but the British communities, encouraging cohesion and public engagement. Especially necessary in an era of the internet and social media, which is more threatening and dangerous for young people, where they are likely to hide away in their small digital bubbles of computers and gadgets reading hate messages online and getting seeped into a paranoia of fear mongering and hate, believing the illuminati are out there to get them! The repercussion of ‘Islamic extremism’ has and continues to affect British Muslims more than it does anyone else, but Paul and ilk think they know better and people with hijab and beards going to worship at mosques, threaten our lives and security.


It seems the ever growing problems in London such as: housing crisis, over population, congestion, a crippling NHS are taking a toll on us, and when such problems begin to spiral out of control, the elitists then need to play the blame game and whilst they are doing all the dirty work (the ones with the bigger money) silly petty parties like Britain first come out with an overtly hateful rhetoric and make themselves look like the bad guys, when really they are just worried like ourselves, by social problems affecting ordinary Londoners.

So certain political characters, within the predominant parties: conservative and labour in their ‘political correctness’ are good at this, they know how to talk the talk, but fail to walk the walk (use distractive puns and figurative language ‘of the dead cat’ and dog-whistling tactics). So their finger pointing at Islam and Muslims is often more calculated and discreet (see link below).

Endless immigration does threaten us all, over population is scary, as it seems we are all competing and scrambling for living space. Something that matters to many Londoners. Being worried about the impact of immigration isn’t being a racist (the BNP somehow feel the need to clarify this) but finger pointing an entire religion and its followers IS RACIST. Immigration due to EU membership has proven to be the main reason for the uncontrolled ‘influx’ of immigrants, far higher than other parts of the world put together (of the African peninsula/Asian and middle east). Yet the browner Muslim immigrants, that are far fewer in number have been targeted by haters (as we’ve already witnessed in public places with appalling clips making the rounds on social media)

Perhaps this time, voting may be a start for some healthy change, so the question arises who to vote for? Whilst there are numerous candidates standing to achieve recognition and support, it is obviously clear that not all stand an equal chance. Whilst The BF and BNP will obviously (and hopefully!) not win (and ranting endlessly about them only gives them more importance) and are simply in the game to gain fans and followers, most of the other parties as well-meaning as they are, will also likely be eliminated; such as the Green party, Respect party and the admirable Women’s equality party, but a vote to any of those groups would certainly be a wasted vote (another reason to be put off by this useless system). The battle is (nearly always) between the conservatives and labour: currently Sadiq Khan (an interesting option, Labour seeking the Muslim vote) and Zac Goldsmith (son of a billionaire)

An interesting article in the guardian recently described the tension and politics between the two in their campaigns; the way certain groups in London: Indians (presumably Hindus/Sikhs) and Tamil households have been strategically targeted for votes by the conservative marketing campaign, in their use of shady divisive rhetoric, in an age-old -failed- attempt to divide and conquer. Sadiq khan has been maligned as extreme, a ‘radical’ and ‘divisive’ (if that is the case then I do wonder what a non-radical, non-extreme Muslim looks like) in a covert racist manner; dog-whistling wolves in sheep clothing. More articulate, politically correct, but far more worryingly deceiving (than their BF counterparts). And with that let’s put a stop to this longest ever rant…I know who my vote is going to.

(Link below for the useful guardian article, on the sadiq-zac battle)



Worn out!

You’re wearing too much
or you’re wearing too little
Your body so cheap,
open to ridicule
Don’t matter what’s in your mind
You ain’t got a choice
Let mandem dictate
claims to be your voice

To set you free,
Drown your intellect
suffocates your face,
feigning to protect
An identity
that exists no more
renders you naked
an object deplored
Don’t pull out your breast
When babe wants to milk you
Don’t do the grotesque
Suckling at her bare chest
Don’t flaunt a nipple
Don’t be gross
Let them impose
Declare what a woman should show
smirks, nip-slip on a catwalk
news coverage, media-talk
Smeared with cake
Let him taste your body baked
Sliced under a fine knife
The showbiz ingredient
glam and prized
An object for his prying eyes
Women warmongering
In society’s dichotomy
Tearing one another down
but the battle ensues
And it just doesn’t matter
If she swims like a pro
In a burkini or bikini,
eyelids batter.
(an old exhausted worn out debate, how women should dress in the 21st century)

Bring on the Burkini

I love my burkini. I couldn’t swim without it. Not least because there have been times when I found, I couldn’t be asked to wax the horrendously “oppressive” hair growth on my shaggy legs. I hope some  -mums especially- can agree what a bothersome activity waxing can be. Had society not dictated what equates to beautiful and what women should look like, I wouldn’t mind having my unkempt legs on show, unfortunately that might be akin to terrorising everyone at the pool if I do! (Ok that’s an exaggeration my beautiful hairy legs aren’t that hairy *shh*)

The day an ad flaunts a woman with a hairy chest on top of a car, or a perfume between her contour-less knees or a pen between her cleavage covered in stretch-marks; I might reassess my self-image, confidence-issues and whether to don the -more “empowering”- bikini or not..

If anything, my burkini hides all those ‘hideous’ bits we’d rather conceal, the bulging  pockets of flab here and there is certainly not flattering! Ok admittedly, I’m not confident enough to flaunt my body just yet…Thank you burkini, you make me feel fine. It’s not just a Muslim or modesty issue in an all-women pool (a burkini-clad seriously “oppressed” woman can tell you that!!) #Justanotherview

Recently in conversation with a fellow non-Muslim (who attends an exercise group, we’ve recently put together ‘motivating mums’) when the subject came to swimming, she said swimming put her off due to her legs -for whatever reason- when I suggested she should get a burkini, she queried about where she might be able to get one, so I was stopped for thought, and suggested looking online. (This was a few days before the M&S burkini revelation) knowing that M&S have decided to stock up on them, possibly making this wonderful gear more mainstream can only be a good thing! I hope that the fellow friend will feel more motivated to jump on the burkini bandwagon and into the pool now (so many people would love to swim, Muslim or not, but somehow feel constrained for a multitude of reasons)
Call it ‘modest wear’, ‘solar wear’ or whatever… I say: Bring on the burkini!burkini or bikini