There is nothing like a cuppa and a good read to hand,

for a tired knackered mamma when she years a little calm.

Some down time and a place for rumination,

I invite you to this blog,

to join me in this introspection.

…though we cannot change what’s passed

we can certainly reflect

and from one mum to another let us help it digest.

I write this on a whim,

so please don’t judge

just as we raise our children,

…sometimes with masterful perfection

other times it might be just.

My name is Kalsoum Khan and I am a mum to 3 fabulous boys; who not only keep me on my toes, but inspire me every single day and help me grow. There are many moments in a day where we are prompted to think and re-think our perspectives, because let us face it: our children are little philosophers in the making! they can engage our minds in ways we had never perceived. In this blog I aim to bring out all those little reflections and insights, but also everything in between, that motherhood inevitably throws at us.